About Us

Pearl Mattress Ltd is an importer and distributor of Air Mattress in the UK

We recently discovered that the people of America have for many years been enjoying the comfort and control of the Air Mattress. After about 2 years of extensive research we bought what I can only describe as the best ever mattress manufactured. We are now the only Importers of these products. We are the only UK based company offering a warranty outside of the USA.


These are component mattresses and can be built on site so it’s very easy to get a Super King size mattress through the smallest of corridors and up tight staircases to the Bedroom.


We are the only UK importer of all the products listed on our web site including the Duel Chamber Air Mattress.


All of our electrical products are imported to the UK with BS and CE standards.


Mattresses are imported having undergone BS7177 testing to UK standards.


Import Tax is paid so all our products are subject to Free movement in the EU.


All mattresses are made especially for us to UK sizes. Our mattresses fit UK bed bases and UK bedding fits our mattresses.


See the links under Mattresses for more details on the types of mattress.