Air Mattresses

Why Choose a Air Bed?


Personalized Comfort at the touch of a button!


The medical benefits of pressure reduced air sleep are well known. During a normal night of sleep, an average person attempting to sleep on an unforgiving innerspring style mattress will be forced to change positions 60 to 80 times in an effort to keeps hips, shoulders, fingers and toes from “falling asleep” as blood flow is impaired. Air suspension sleep systems have traditionally reduced the pressure points associated with more conventional mattresses, however until Digital Sleep, the precise level of pressure could only be measured as an estimate of comfort.


The medically based nature of Digital Sleep puts science to work as the Digital Controller actually measures the pressure in precise terms of mm/Hg. The mm/Hg (millimetres of mercury) scientific measurement used for our Digital Sleep control readout is used by scientists worldwide for mapping pressure points on sleep surfaces. Our Digital Sleep readings are incredibly accurate and are actually relative to scientific measurement rather than competitive models that often use arbitrary and irrelevant readouts